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No matter how busy you sometimes the best way for you to refresh your mind is taking a little time to unwind and relax. Here are four ways to give yourself a little timeout.

1. Take a bubble bath.

Turn off your phone for 45 minutes and dim the lights. Pour some bath salt in the tub and let your body soak all the days stress out.

2. Indulge in a massage.

Never had a massage? Shop around and find the best deal in town and give yourself a little treat. Getting pampered always makes your body feel better and your muscles will thank you.

4. Give yourself a foot scrub.

Pour a water in a large bowl and throw in some rose petal. Let your feet soak and give it a deep exfoliation.

5. Snuggle up with a hot chocolate.

Take an hour break with a cup of warm hot chocolate. Enjoy your favorite magazine or take a seat outside to get some fresh air.
Whenever I need to de-stress a hot shower always does the trick!
Going to the movies also help relief stress.