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I saw a few cards posted by @soumikroy about this poet, so I did some research about her! Here's a video of her reading some of her pieces, but also talking about what it's like to be a poet, and how she became a poet.
While I like her work, it's not my absolute favorite, but it's pretty relatable poetry that I keep remembering after reading it later. I also love, love, LOVE her quotes like "I think a lot of teenage girls write poetry, I just never stopped," which is such great advice. If you want to be a writer, write and keep writing. If you want to be a poet, write and keep writing!
Great advice here for all aspiring writers :)
Never heard of her before this, but man I really like this!
@redridergirl No problem :) Something about her style seemed like it would suit you :)
Thanks for letting me know. I enjoyed her readings! I've never been a poetry reader but I enjoyed it! Thank you!
I totally don't like...regularly read poetry but I have a feeling I'd like her stuff!!! Do you have a specific book of hers you recommend? @timeturnerjones
@redridergirl I feel like you might enjoy this :)