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I really enjoy keeping some cosplay plans secret until the last minute. Half of it is because I like surprises, and the other half is I'm worried I'll jinx myself and it won't end up working out!
When I first saw the figure of Asuna dressed as an idol, I knew I HAD to cosplay it! I originally wanted to be her for Katsucon, but ran low on time. Luckily I was able to be her for Tekko!
I'm so so so happy with this cosplay! I love Asuna, but she's so popular right now I wasn't too keen on doing her guild outfit just yet! I want to be more versions of her in the future, but I definitely think I started with the best! Idols are definitely my favorite cosplay genre wink emoticon.
Thank you to Darryl Brooks and We Rise Mag for the photo!
Absolutely beautiful! I have to say in cases like this the location really helps.
I didn't even realize there was an idol version Asuna. Was it only from the figures? Love it!
So pretty, and such a pretty background!!! You really hit the jackpot!!