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Help!!! I am getting far too addicted to Disney crossover cosplays! Why is that a bad thing? Because that means I'll eventually want to do one and that is going to be an EXPENSIVE mistake!!$!$!$!
Either way, that doesn't stop me from finding this next crossover absolutely gorgeous...
Here it is: Battle Armor Snow White. Just WOW.
This cosplayer, Andy Rae, has done a lot of armor variations of popular cosplays but this one is definitely my favorite! The look is so strong, and yet her face and makeup is still very calm and beautiful, as expected from Snow White!
Scroll through these 3 awesome fantasy inspired pics by Vancouver Cosplay!
These two shots are really beautiful as well--seeing her in a woodsy setting seems so appropriate, and the colors just pop!!! I'm so impressed with all the work (she made them herself!) and am now on a mission to try to make some sort of armor. Maybe just like an arm guard or something.
@Spudsy2061 I saw Jessica Nigri's before! I think I might have sen a group shot of these Disney Armor ones recently, too! I'll share it if I can find it again.
Expensive or not they look pretty awesome!!
There's been a ton of "Battle Gear/Armour" cosplays. This is ace, right up there with the rest of them. I remember Vicky Lau and Jessica Nigri and a few others did like Battle Gear Sailor Scouts and they were so good. Love it all.