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Who is it, guys? Leave your comment. I won't delete it. I'll post the picture without the bar later (: ~~~It's Dara! *If I had (insert bias name) in front of me I'd ______. (༶ૢ˃̵̑◡˂̵̑༶ૢ)
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YESS.. Omg I'll look forward to your gross bias tag ;) @WiviDemol
@Ambie @jiggzy19 @MattK95 @sammha @kimikodragon @Uniangel18 @WiviDemol @nielswife It's Dara! It was so hard choosing a picture. She has such a unique look. It's hard not to tell it's her. (: Uploaded sans bar @WiviDemol Hahaha! Omg you're so brave @PassTheSuga Lmao same. And then I'd regret it for the rest of my life for not doing anything else XD @MattK95 Lol and a selca! ((;
@aabxo yes! Though I'd probably have the goofiest smile on my face XD
@aabxo haha I should be brave,that chance to meet him might not happen again right? ;)