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It's time for a new era of fast food, it seems.
News that has come out has shown that not only is McDonald's struggling in the US (2.6% drop in the US), but it's globally having trouble too (2.3% drop in the first 3 months of this year). Those numbers are expected to keep dropping.
Taco Bell and Chipotle, however, are both reporting that their numbers are up! Chipotle is up over 10% in the first quarter, and Taco Bell is up over 6%.
But really....is anybody surprised?
McDonald's has done a good job in some countries abroad, where specialty burgers and events keep people interested. Not only that, but the quality abroad is higher. The global sales number dropped largely due to the strength of the dollar more than due to an actual drop in the sales at McDonald's abroad.
Seen above is the Black and White burgers in Taiwan, which (unlike the US) looks exactly like it appears in ads. Who wouldn't want to try this temporary novelty item at least once? Read a review of the items here. This reporter didn't love them, but the novelty still got him to go check it out, and maybe it's more fit to local tastes.
But people in the US, especially college kids, just prefer Chipotle. The quality is better, the size is better. Even if it's more expensive for a meal, its more quality per dollar in my honest opinion, and I'd choose Chipotle over Mickey D's any day.
McDonald's plans to announce how they'll fix this next month, but I'm not sure they can.

Bring on the burritos!

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@drwhat Yes!! That and the occasional guilty trip for a 20 piece McNugget
@somnia That makes 2 of us! McDonalds is reserved for once a year Shamrock Shake trips.
Well, I'm surely not helping since I'm a total Chipotle junkie :D