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Lily Collins is one of the most effortlessly beautiful actress in Hollywood right now. She is not afraid to sport bold brows and even bolder lips and pulls it all off incredibly.
She always says that clear, natural skin is best and to play with color while you can!
"As long as you look after your skin, experiment with brightly coloured make-up when you are young. I love to focus on bold, shiny lips for evenings out. I don't use foundation, just concealer and a reflective blusher for glowing cheeks."
I am completely obsessed with her blue and gold eyeliner here. I'm usually one to shy away from colored liners, but she's making me think twice!
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Her brows and eye makeup are always gorgeous!
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gud lukin
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Yeah, I'm not usually daring enough to try colored liners, but she makes it look great. Where do you think you could get color liners like that blue? Maybe Urban Decay?
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