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Black is just as much a signature color as blush and bashful. The question is, Who's brave enough, daring enough, confident enough to go black till it's virtually in excess? The thought is more than amusing. Furtive glances. Arched eyebrows. Unfurled gossip. Juicier than a scathing column featuring the boozy and disheveled Duchess of Cornwall.
Strong black modern homage to picnic tables and benches are a simple and clean way to set the tablescape. Infusing such a dark color with the freshness of greens and the brightness of fruits and florals is a neat little trick I could have taught you. Notice the lack of "romantic" flowers. You won't need them if you're using natural elements or tropicals.
Apothecary jars that are filled below the 10-inch line of sight are completely okay to do, despite the fact that the jars are bulky and wide. The candles are high up and out of sight. Everything else is low and on the table. I'd estimate that this design, based on 10 people sitting would run about $258. Multiply that by 15 tables and you're at $3,870, which is less than $5,000 (or 10% of your $50 Grand budget).
Nothing wrong with a black cake either. I could spend days scouring the internet for photos of black cakes the same way you could. But I chose this design because not every black cake has to be on-the-nose black. Clearly, the cake is white rolled fondant with black details. But what seals the deal here is the use of French satin ribbon--in black!
Make your gown look even whiter than it it. You do it by putting everyone else in black, even the bridesmaids! I love the one-shoulder dresses. So feminine and modern. Beautiful. To keep from going macabre or from looking like a Tim Robins movie, it's a wise idea to see to it that the bouquets are not black.
Now that we're on the subject of black for weddings, how else can you use black? Did someone say bridal gown? LOL Of course you can! Why not? Give me one good reason why not. Leave a comment as to why. In the meantime, I will tell you that one of the greatest American fashion designers, Vera Wang, has created black wedding dresses. Don't believe me?
Check out @MarshallEdgar's card, "Anything But White Gowns." He beat me to it; I was about to write a card on it.
(His might be better...maybe)
@marshalledgar @NixonWoman I love it! My cousin did a black and white and deep red wedding in 1986 I think. I wore a puffy sleeved low cut neck puffy fluffy long skirted dramatic dress, white pearl necklace and earrings we all got to match her Tiara, black high heels, red and white lily bouquets. Her church had red carpet and cushions! What I will say is pick a pretty dress! I look at those old pictures and think I look goth yikes! I wear a lot of black and white and decorate with it too! Thanks for tagging me! I apologize I just got a new phone and had been offline temporarily sorry. I was just signing in today to check affer getting my phone! I'll be keeping my eyes open once again for all the exciting info out here from all my friends! Take care yall!
You stole my idea mr. @marshalledgar! haha Good for you. I loved it. Thanks for tagging me. I tagged you back in my card and updated it. Tagging is so cool. Not just in comments, but also in cards too. In fact I am going to tag @RedRiderGirl because I have not seen her in a bit and think she may like this. :)
Great masculine table design for a wedding. Grooms would approve everywhere! lol I was making a card on Vera Wang already and the non-white wedding dress. You can link to that if you like @nixonwoman :
Maybe black is the new trend? I like it in these pictures but not something I would plan for my sister or for me
It's the green and the black together that i love about this. Reminds me of a botanical garden green house. love it.
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