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It appears fellow Vingler, @NixonWoman and I are thinking along the same frequency because her recent card, "Wedding In Black" and my card here both look at BLACK for weddings. Specifically, this card is about non-white Vera Wang gowns.
I chose Wang because in previously published cards and in comments I have made, her style of dresses have never called my attention, and if they did, there was nary a mention of praise from me. But that's all about to change.
As you review Vera Wang's 2012-2013 bridal collections here, consider what your thoughts might me. Pay attention to your initial reactions to the gowns.
You won't find anything here all white. In fact only one has trace amounts of white and another echoes the softness of white in a pale neutral hue.
A lot of the gowns that I show are mostly non-traditional in nature to begin with, so I value your generous feedback.
I would love to hear your comments about what you loved or didn't love about these dresses.
Do you think that designers should continue to create bold designs such as Vera Wang's designs shown here?
Scarlet trumpet gown.
Full skirt in red lace.
Almost-white froth tulle gown.
I like this design, but not the color. Few people could pull off a red wedding dress.
my favorite is the scarlet trumpet style gown. sublime. @missophiestik I'm not married, nor engaged. I just really like weddings. lolol
@marshalledgar the fourth to the last looks great! I like how the dresses matches everything from the hairstyle to their skin. I'll be planning my wedding when the time comes ha but not today haha. Are you married?
@missophiestik these are rather impressive, I thought also. did you have a favorite style? also, are you planning your own wedding?
WOW! This is something new for me as all wedding I have seen and been brides are wearing full white gowns. Love how the different colors makes the brides (or models) accentuate their beauty <3
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