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Kenturkey. Avocolorado. South Dacocoa Puffs. Call me crazy, but I am loving these food puns!
Food blogger Foodiggity and his 8-yr old soon have been teaming up over the last few months to begin the basis of the Foodnited States, a series of fun food art entirely based on food puns made out of the states' names! This kid is seriously way more clever than me...Kaleifornia?! That's genius!
So far, they've covered almost all the states (from Texmexas to Iowatermelon), but they plan to do them all, and they plan to eventually make prints and posters of the whole series! The share their pics on Instagram with the #foodnitedstates hashtag, and it's all just making me full of wonderlust and hunger. Seriously.

Check out some more of the states!!

It's a beautiful, foodie world.

@missophiestik I know! I wish I was that clever!
'New Pork' HAHAHAH that's a one funny kid!
@missophiestik Yeah!!! I read that the dad had kind of told him "states made of food has been done before" but his son was like well what if we did funny ones? like new pork? hah!!! How clever :)
@missophiestik Let's at least try to be that clever now :D
Too late for us! We're not kids anymore :(
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