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"Making the world a better place, one pair of googly eyes at a time."
This is the motto of Eyebombers and VandalEyes-ers everywhere, and I love it. Why not try to see the world a little differently by adding a little pair of eyes to openings in the world, on the street, at your house, wherever?
While this might not be the best thing to do in some areas (it could still be considered vandalism! be smart about where you put the eyes!), this is a great exercise in creativity and trying to imagine the world as a place where everything can come alive :)
So make someone's day, by adding some googly eyes to your street, like this mom and her daughters did in Madrid!! People might just get a good laugh out of them!
If you wanna get started, just go buy some googly eyes, or get the kit here! Make sure they're the peel and stick kind that won't leave any damage. Have fun Eyebombing!
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