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CERN declared 2015 the Year of International Light. With fabulous year-round weather, the Mediterranean island and country of Malta could be the best thing that happened to you and your wedding guests!
There are too many particulars to what's so great about a destination wedding. I'll spare you the superlatives because either you already know them all or you are too caught up in cost to consider the benefits of going other-worldly.
Look at these stunning (real wedding) photos in Malta that I found online. Then I want you to visit the Malta website. And while you're doing ALL OF THAT, think about the real cost of 200 guests at a state-side wedding. Think, $33,000 (without the cost of honeymoon).
Mosta Dome, church in Malta.
Sandy Malta beach.
Where else can you wed, honeymoon, vacay, chill, dine, and all the other canoodling things newlyweds do in one location that features the best Mediterranean vibe and the sandy beaches of the tropics?!
Okay, let me hear 'em. List them in your comments...what are all the reasons why you would say no to Malta.
If I am completely honest I would love to run away and get married like this.
I just checked airfare and I found tickets from Colorado to Malta (for 2 adults) in late August for a total of $960. I checked through and it's on Turkish Airlines. It's a great price!!
I'd also like to recommend Anacapri and Capri. Gorgeous destination wedding locations.
If I didn't know any better I would have thought the beach picture was from either Mexico or the tropical islands. You almost convince me to consider this. Showing my mom. I want her to see this.