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One of the weirdest things that humanity started doing (in my humble opinion) is carving ice into various aesthetically pleasing shapes for weddings, banquets, etc. I just think it's kind of strange!! Did you know they use chain saws to make all those delicate bits? Strange as it is, it's kind of beautiful that something as fragile as ice can be manipulated.

So what's so cool about frozen water?

Strange or not, I just found out that there's actually a ton of science that goes into the process of making an ice sculpture. For instance, there's a certain way the ice has to be frozen or else it will be cloudy. It also takes 3 to 4 days to freeze the ice blocks needed for most ice sculptures.
Check out this awesome video above! It goes through the process of how ice freezes (as explained by a scientist) and also takes us through the art of turning that into an ice sculpture with an amazing ice sculpture artist!!