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Everyone said that 2015 was going to be a big year. But nothing could have prepared me for the fall of Satan. Didn't that happen, like, a million years ago though? It's not even the end of April and already, the cauldron-of-blood gang, led by Illuminati's precious Jay Z, had their Tidal music streaming service-cum-atm go broke!
Turns out, the tweens wearing Gummy Bear lip gloss who twerk to beats by may-as-well-be-naked, Miley Cyrus, don't have TWENTY BUX to pay for streaming service they either get for free elsewhere or for a much lower cost through sources like Spotify and Pandora. Or maybe Madonna's to blame. Did she forget to mix another batch of Kool-Aid? Did the wicked demons simply tucker out from the drama that is altogether Yeezy?
There has to be a reason. But what is it? Anybody know? Theories? Thoughts? Comments?
That's part of the problem @tedyesca.The service is expensive and it requires you to buy expensive peripherals just to listen, which is terribly inconvenient when you're driving or out with your friends. I was under the impression Tidal was for everyone, not just audiophiles.
magic of make up. i actually like tidal, its geared towards audiophiles and so you need the proper equipment to listen to the music. not not beats, not apple buds, not skull candy, you need actual high grade headphones.
She looks terrible in some pictures and impossibly perfect in other pictures. I don't know how she does it.
I had to google Ellie Goulding, and you're right, Madonna's been drinking something more than Kool-Aid.
Oh my god, I saw this picture before and thought Madonna was Ellie Goulding. But now that you have all these artists labeled, WOW. What is IN Madonna's Kool-Aid?!