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The true litmus test as to whether or not a misogynistic remark, like referring to a woman as "a slut" is a joke or not is whether or not the internet has shut down and/or whether or not the comment becomes a talking point by the likes of do-gooders like PETA.
Harried fans of the Marvel cash machine franchise, Captain America, were all too eager to cry foul when Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans engaged in silly banter about "Black Widow" being "a slut..." Although most knew this was just a joke, the jury is still out with some as emergency rooms continue to brace for droves if an influx of Marvel fandom turns either suicidal or homicidal.
If you can't take a joke, one can never know what you'd do, right? Cast your comment...were you offended by the remark or did you take it as a joke? Or are you the dichotomy type and capable of being amused and offended at the same time? Do share...
Actually, I think this generation is the first to openly acknowledge blatant misogyny in popular culture and work to deconstruct it. Making a joke of something as evidently inoccuous as the word slut is problematic because of the many women who hear that word hurled at them maliciously everyday. I don't think this is a generation of apologists, I think it's a generation who are actively trying to make change for the betterment of our society.
i think people just like to bitch about everything. we live in a time where the world has become a giant generation of apologists.
That's really problematic. I don't think you should be throwing words like 'slut' around like that at all. I thought the whole thing was in really really poor taste even if it's 'just' about a fictional character. You can't really 'take a joke' if the 'joke' isn't as much of a 'joke' in the first place.
I'm not here to condone the music that's popular nowadays, but literally every generation has take nthat same issue with the generation that came after it. It's a dead horse. And there's another thing - it doesn't look like anybody else from previous generations are all too eager to even make a peep in the public arena. They like their status quo and become indignant at any attempt to alter it, for better or worse.
Taking an all too painfully obvious joke and then turning it into something that it wasn't to begin with is far cry from righting the wrongs out there. This generation of elitists listen to music with worse content than the word "slut," yet are the first to cry foul in the public arena.
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