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Rant Below. TL;DR: I hate SM and i'm really going to miss Tao because he is my bias </3 Rant: And the drama never ends.....SM really, really, really, really screwed up bad. They had so many amazing groups that could've put them without a doubt at the top of the industry. But they went through and did something to ruin every single one of them. I'm not saying that the groups are awful without the members that have left, but SM as an agency is atrocious. From the way they handle group members health, to their contracts, to their family it's all horrific. The issues with Luhan and Kris are fairly complicated so i'm not going to comment on those due to not having all the details. But this issue with Tao (who is my bias </3) was as simple as using their brains and following through with what they told his dad. It was that simple SM!!! But no, they would rather go behind his dad's back and only do half of what he asked. Same sh*t with Jessica where they were too money hungry to let her start a clothing line without SM getting a cut......UGH! Within the last year SM has totally ripped apart one of their best groups all by pure stupidity. Was it worth it?
I feel like they should have cleaned up their act when Hangeng left way back when, and then JYJ, and then Kris, and then Luhan. Like they had SO many chances to quit it and make everything better.
Can't understand why SM is like that :(
It is so sad how he looks so worn down and exhausted!!! There is no sense in it!!! All of them are!!! :(
I really don't like SM!!! Grrrr..