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I haven't been on here too much lately but I have been skating! Got a new park board, a creature 9x33 indys and SPFs. So I've been timing a lot of street lately but y'all don't care so whatever. So they built a bicycle pump track in a park in town and it's kinda fun! Not meant for skating, the rough surface sucks for street boards but my longboard flys on it. It goes super fast if you can pump it and it's way sketch! Looks like ppl have been grinding it but you'd have to be flying to ride it away so I'm not even trying that yet. In the pics is my friend who owns a gopro but meet brings it skating cuz he's a little bitch. Ha anyways have fun skate on peace!
Damn you Vingle!!!
Bro the pics aren't showing up.
Just try re-uploading them.