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The other day I went to my local skate shop and picked up a complete Bustin Modela 33. The original trucks that it came with were a set of Indys 169mms. I thought they were fanastic all arouns until I went down my usual route home down a hill and didn't hold up so well. Earlier today I bought a new set of 160mm 50 calibers and I have to say this board feels PERFECT now. It's fairly small so easily carry around, it's great for crusing/commuting since its pretty light, it has great tail which is super functional, and having put on a new set of calibers makes it great for getting some decent speed on it with no problems. I can tell this is going to be one of my favorite boards I have since its so versatile. :)
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Stock caliber bushings are so SQUISHY!! Great for carving.
I actually didn't know the 160mm calibers come stock with double cones. When I first took them for a ride I was like "woah, this does not feel like my other 50 calibers" till I took a look. haha
Wish I would've waited an got a 33, got my Modela in 2013 (I think) Bustin made them bigger that year an I enjoy the deck but getting it off the ground is literally hell itself! Ever since I got it Ive been wanting a smaller one! Glad you enjoy it though man! Have you tried some standard kingpin an any old school stuff with her? (slapping, pools, fat tail tricks) Thats what Id be doing?