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[RUMOR] Remaining two Chinese members of EXO-M to leave SM and form a new group in China with Kris and Luhan?

According to this article by allkpop, rumors are going around that the remaining two Chinese members of SM boy band Exo would possibly leave Exo and join the other two ex-members in China to form their own group with Hwai Brothers, a Chinese agency that Kris is on the verge of joining. More rumors claim that Tao and Lay may hire the same attorneys as Kris and Luhan to deal with their lawsuits/disputes with SM Entertainment. Of course, Tao and his father are supposedly still discussing with SM about his departure, and while people are claiming his withdrawal from Exo is guaranteed, things still go unconfirmed.
As for Lay, his departure still remains a rumor, although on April 23rd he reportedly deleted all of his posts on Instagram.
As stated in allkpop: "Following Kris and Luhan's lawsuit with SM Entertainment, there is now a rumor spreading that the remaining two Chinese members of EXO-M will follow suit, sign on with the same Chinese entertainment agency, rebrand, and form a new boy group to promote in their home country."
Of course, whether they come from fans or the media, these are all still rumors. One person in the comments of this article mentioned that this could simply be fans, media, or allkpop itself, trying to "stir up some shit" in the kpop community.
I support Exo no matter what they choose to do, and I've got mixed feelings about this rumor. If it does turn out to be true, I'm sad that they won't be "one" and 12 anymore, however, if they were to form two bands, it would release more material, and we could support both individually. As long as the boys are happy and doing what they love, I'll support them.
What do you guys think? :)
I'd love it if they did form a new group in China!!!!
This is CRAZY! I'll support them wherever they go because all I want them is to be happy. But EXO...They're all slowly disappearing.... T.T SM Entertainment is horrible. -_-'
If they did form a group. I'm not gonna lie I would freak out and be so happy!
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