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I'm gonna join in on this, though I feel late ^^"
1. State your name and username
2. Who is your bias? I have several, but I'm gonna choose Xiumin!!
3. If your bias spat a gum on the ground, would you pick it up and eat it?
ew no wtf who does that... did someone do that? gross...
4. Explain why your bias is your bias! Were they your first bias? Why did you bias them?
Is bias even a verb? Can you bias someone?
Xiumin is so naturally cute, I love his cheeks!! Honestly he's my bias cause he's so sweet and shy, and I love people who are shy like me because I can relate. Also, because apparently he was very self conscious about his weight in the past, and I can also relate to that, which makes me just want to hug him forever and tell him that he's perfect. And also he can be sexy as fuck. Yes.
He wasn't my first bias, Tao was, but I grew to love Xiumin just as much. Panda and Baozi <3
5. Favourite physical feature?
His eyes dear god <3 I love his cat-like monolids..
6. Favourite personality trait?
His introverted personality. I love how he's trying to open up a bit more, but I'm less attracted to people who are overly extroverted and social (I love Chanyeol but I wouldn't date Chanyeol...). I also love how naturally cute he is and how shy he gets when people call him cute.
7. Favourite ship (including bias)?
I don't usually ship real people because it can be hurtful to real relationships and friendships, but since we're here I'm gonna go with XiuChen. Just because. They can go be dorks together.
8. Where would you take your bias on a date?
You know what, I'm 16 and I've never been on a date. So I'm just gonna go with a stereotypical answer. Amusement park? Cafe? Let's go with that.
9. Which song (out of your bias group's songs) suits your bias the best?
Let out the beast.
10. If you had to serenade your bias, which song would you sing?
Just like a love song or something idk... Baby Don't Cry is pretty cute, or maybe Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran... I tend to sing more old jazzy songs tho so I honestly don't know.
11. What do you want to say to your bias?
You're perfect. Don't worry as much about what you look like. Being quiet is okay :)
cheesy dot com...
12. Say ''I love you (your bias name) pleas don't eat worms'' in your native language.
''Je t'aime Xiumin, s'il te plait ne mange pas des vers de terre..''
Yeah I'm french...
13. Tag 10 people
No thanks, I'm like the last to do this :)
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@Uniangel18 you're welcome :)
@Uniangel18 lol I did mine on my phone....I hate using my laptop.
@PassTheSuga ok, so how did it come out the way it did... what Did you do. ..usually it comes out in that format when using a computer
@Uniangel18 with the last update I was able to use that format? when was the last time you updated the app?
I loved this so much! Xiumin is such a cutie!! :D