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Coffee pictures on Instagram are easily one of the most common things you're going to see (at least on my feed!) But not all Instagrams of coffee are created equal, and there are so many boring pictures of coffee out there. Ever since I started drinking coffee by the gallon, I have tried to make the pictures on my Instagram look a little nicer.
So, here's what I've learned about how to make your coffee pics look AWESOME on Instagram! These tips can go for pretty much any drink.
All photos on this card are taken by yours truly!


Whether or not you think it matters, lighting seriously, seriously does. Don't try to take a picture in the darkest corner of the cafe! If you really want to take a pic in a low-light cafe, try using an app like Cortex Cam which does really well. If you're lucky enough to have the iPhone6 or Galaxy S6 then you might have better luck with your in-phone camera.
Make sure to photography in a way that the lighting is best captured! Don't be afraid to move your cup around the cafe or your table until you figure out where the lighting is working best!
Check out these two pics that I took. One in a too-dark-to-salvage cafe (on the left, yikes!!) and one in a dark cafe, but I used the darkness to my advantage. They both would be far better if they were in the light, but sometimes you have to work with the darkness.


Every coffee photo is made better by adding something interesting into the frame. A muffin, a cookie, a friends cup of coffee...whatever! Try to add something besides the coffee in the picture to make it stand out from all the other coffee pics, because they can start to look really redundant. So splurge, and get something to add to your photo, or see what the room has that you can (reasonably) incorporate for a better photo.

Good Coffee!

Not to be a total coffee snob, but in most situations, better coffee is just going to look better. Regardless of if you're prefer to drink black drip coffee or a fancier latte, better coffee tends to look better than your daily cup of Folgers. If you really want to go crazy, go visit your town's best cafe! Get the whatever the barista recommends and you'll definitely have something worth showing off.
Like this cat latte. Yeah, it's adorable.

Type of Table!

Your coffee isn't going to look very good if it clashes with the table! Take a look around and see what you can use to your advantage. If there's a cool design on the table, incorporate it! If the floor is nicer looking than the table, well, maybe use the floor. Find ways to make the table help.
Alright! There you have it :D Hope this helps, and hope you guys enjoy your coffee. Buh-bye!