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This photo was taken just minutes before the event that will be forever known as "The Tragedy of Rome".
Shot in front of the famous Roman Colosseum, the most heinous and evil Dark Sith Lord Emperor Sidious is escorted by Lord Vader and his elite Red Guard on a tour of the historic monuments of the city.
This area is now a dust covered glassy wasteland.
The new RRDrad 13 Ionic Cannons (used to level Rome) emit massive amounts of Gamma radiation.
This area will not be able to support life for 30,000 years.
The only consolation is that of the 4.6 million killed in the Empire's retaliation, 2.1 million were suspected paparazzi.
this is cool 😁😁
@buddyesd - if you read this card - you get the back story. Vader doing PR for the Emperor