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Acne - What to Eat, What Not to Eat
No matter how much we prevent it, acne can still find its way to form on - or under, or even both - our skin. In most cases the acne is mild and will go away on its own (or quicker if you take some form of acne medication) but it’s also common to see acne breakouts happening so frequently despite a number of medications used - a condition that we know as acne-prone skin. Here’s what you need to know about this skin issue and why it can happen to all of us. Diet for acne-prone skin; what the skin needs? We used to read that acne-prone skin happens mostly among oily skin types and while that can be true, the latest studies and discoveries indicate that acne-prone skin can happen to all of us regardless of skin type. Yes, even dry or sensitive skin type can suffer from an acne problem! This is due to the fact that acne can form due to a number of factors. And in most cases, several factors together cause acne breakouts and not just one single factor. But rest assured, there are several types of acne treatment available to make your skin belmish-free. Since this is a multi-factoral skin issue, dermatologists usually need to prescribe multiple medications and treatments - but the main focus will be on your dietary habits and leading a healthy lifestyle. How does diet affect our skin? The diet plays a big role when it comes to the overall health of our skin. After all, what we eat shows on our skin. For the acne-prone skin, there are some foods that you need to avoid, replacing them with foods that you need to eat instead. Multiple studies have shown that certain food groups cause acne. Refined sugar, also known as high-glycemic carbohydrates, is very inflammatory for acne-prone skin. Carbs and sugar trigger a spike in insulin which is a type of hormone. Excess of this hormone causes the oil glands within the skin to produce more oil and in turn, increases the chance of you getting acne. Other food groups such as dairy and trans-fat are also found to cause acne on our skin but high-glycemic carbohydrates cause the most damage. Since we know these food groups cause acne, replacing them with foods that are known to minimize the chances of your skin developing acne - and the chance of them coming back in the future - is the right way to go. What foods are believed to help your skin? The opposite of high-glycemic carbohydrates is the low-glycemic sources that we know as complex carbohydrates. These are beneficial for the skin. Such foods are high in vitamins A, E, and B vitamins as well as minerals that are beneficial in reducing inflammation. Besides this, they also speed up the skin healing process, and strengthen the skin barrier. This helps your skin to be more resilient and able to heal the acne or even prevent any acne from happening. Examples of foods that are in the complex carbs category include whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, and legumes. Other food groups that you can add to your diet are protein sources from poultry and fish. Besides this, fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel are good anti-inflammatory foods and beneficial to heal inflamed skin. There’s no specific rule for this diet. Just trying to include them as the major part of your diet is the key to ensure your skin gets enough healthy nutrients to eliminate potential factors that can cause you acne.
How Many Cups Are in a Liter: A Complete Guide to Measuring
How many cups are in a liter? We'll answer this question and help you master accurate measurement, so you never miss a recipe again. Cooking can seem easy, especially for those who don't do it themselves. It seems like you need to read the recipe, follow a few simple instructions, and that's it. So how come so many people fail? I will tell you a secret. It is not so easy to know how many cups in a liter. You can have the best recipe in your hands and still end up with a messy kitchen and your food in a trash can. Why is that? Many things can go wrong, but today I will deal with the measurement problems. Let us paint the picture - you found a great recipe online, read the reviews, and made sure it turned out great. Unfortunately, there is an issue: the recipe lists measurements that you are not familiar with, for example, cups instead of milliliters. In such situations, the US, imperial, and metric conversion tables are helpful as they direct you and assist you with setting up the formula the correct way. Or you can choose not to participate in another conversion calculator app. Very often, recipes call for cups of water or milk. In contrast, other recipes require you to measure your liquid ingredients in milliliters and liters. How many cups in a liter? We all know that recipes require precision. We have to measure ingredients accurately if we are to be successful. In addition to a reliable kitchen scale, it would be a good idea to have a set of measuring cups. As we stated, plans regularly call for cups of milk or water. Still, there are different types of cups. Sometimes, it is safer to measure liquid ingredients in millimeters, deciliters, and liters. In general, and reasonably roughly, one liter is usually considered to be about four average cups. However, the measurement differs a bit depending on the type of cups used. Still, you can measure how many cups in a half gallon using the same theory. There are the following types of cups: 1. Metric 2. US Customary. 3. US "legal." 4. Canadian 5. Imperial 6. Japanese 7. Traditional Japanese cups It is essential to know the metric, American and British or imperial system since that is what we find today. So, here we go: 1. The metric system • In the decimal measuring standard, 1-liter equivalents 1000 mL. One measurement cup rises to 250 ml. Without much of a stretch, you can figure the number of cups in a liter: 1000/250 = 4. Therefore, there are four cups in a liter in the metric system. 2. The American system • In the United States, we depend on the purported American cup to quantify fluids. 1 US cup has a limit of 236.58 ml or 8 US liquid ounces. One liter equivalents 1000 ml or 33,814 US liquid ounces. • The math is equivalent to in the past model: 33.814/8 = 4.22675. Therefore, there are 4.22675 cups in a liter in the American system. 3. For Imperial System (UK) • We often find recipes written for the UK audience; it is logical since we share the same language. Unfortunately, we don't share the same measurement system either. The British trust the imperial system. • An imperial cup has a capacity of 284,131 mL or ten imperial fluid ounces. One liter is equal to 1000 ml or 35.1951 imperial fluid ounces. That implies the math is as per the following: 35.1951/10 = 3.51951. As should be obvious, there are 3,51951 supreme flagons in a liter in the UK framework.
How Dairy gives You Acne
Everyone who's fighting acne, doubts this at some point in time. 'Does dairy make my acne worse?'. You may stop having dairy for a week, only to realize that it is too much trouble and you can't really tell the difference. Let's figure this out together... Research tells us that inflammatory skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and acne are more common and more severe in those who consume a diet rich in dairy products. These skin problems are even more common in those who indulge in smoking, consume packaged food and are exposed to polluted air. Cow's milk, which is the largest consumed animal milk in the world, contains casein protein and whey protein. Both these are known to raise the levels of growth hormones in calves as well as humans. Growth hormones such as insulin-like growth factor - 1 or IGF-1 is strongly linked with increased sebum formation in our skin. After infancy our body increasingly loses its ability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk. We know that more than 50% of the world's population is lactose intolerant. Milk and milk products trigger all sorts of allergies as well as acne. Besides this, cows and buffaloes are regularly injected with artificial hormones to increase their milk supply. When you consume dairy that is mass produced with such practices, it throws your hormones off balance. Dairy may also promote growth of unhealthy gut bacteria and cause gut inflammation. This alters the way your food is digested and absorbed, which in turn leads to vitamin deficiencies and dull skin. How to prevent dairy related skin problems? Reduce dairy intake and switch to high-fiber diet instead. Increase your intake of omega-3 rich food and supplements to achieve a blemish-free skin. Do not substitute dairy with packaged almond milk or soy milk. Consider switching to green tea or freshly brewed black coffee instead. Both of these have plenty of antioxidant benefits which boost your immunity and make your skin glow. If you plan to give a dairy-free lifestyle a try, avoid all dairy products completely for atleast 3 weeks to see the improvement. Any thing less than 2 weeks cannot give you an idea of whether dairy truly aggravates your acne. If your acne persists consider discussing diagnostic tests and acne treatment options with your dermatologist. *Dairy products include milk, yogurt, curd, buttermilk, cheese, paneer, whey protein shakes, cakes and other similar desserts.
How to Get Rid of Dark Circles
While dark circles are not the sign of serious health issues, they can be considered as a sign that you’re not doing what’s healthy for the body. The appearance of the darkened skin around your eyes can look quite unappealing. Here’s what you can do about it… Why do we get dark circles? There are many reasons why we get dark circles. The problem is so common that we tend to ignore it or slather on some concealer and pretend it doesn't exist. Still, dark circles happen due to many poor lifestyle choices and this should be a wake-up call to take some action. The skin around the eye area is similar to the rest of our body, but much thinner. Hence, the effects of something that happens to your body will show up quicker on the eye area before it becomes apparent for the rest of the body. Some of the causes of dark circles include lack of sleep, lack of nutrition in diet, sun exposure, fluid retention, heredity, hyper-pigmentations, allergies, dermatitis, or even as simple as the natural aging process. And rest assured, getting rid of dark circles is certainly doable. How to get rid of dark circles effectively? 1. Getting enough sleep Make sure you get enough sleep daily. This is a good start to reducing the appearance of dark circles significantly. When you are sleep deprived, your body does not get enough time to make necessary repairs after a day’s activity. This takes a toll on the body. We can see this on our skin, starting from the thinnest skin surrounding the eye area. Depending on your age, you may need more or fewer sleep hours than others but it’s safe to say, getting shut-eye for seven or eight hours is a good start. 2. Purge out water retention In some cases when your body retains fluids more than it needs, usually due to diets high in salts, your eyes look darkened and puffy. Applying cold compression to the eyes or sleeping with extra pillows will elevate the area and prevents extra fluids from pooling unnecessarily. 3. Moisturize We that dry, parched skin looks dull and unhealthy. The same thing applies to the skin surrounding the eye area. Plus it is more prominent here since the skin is thinner. Give your under eye area some TLC with intense moisturizing cream for nourishment. As mentioned, since the skin at the eye area is thinner, you should get eye cream instead of using a facial moisturizer. Eye creams are formulated for quicker absorption. Plus, most eye creams also come with ingredients that are specific to undo the appearance of dark circles such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins C, vitamin E and caffeine. 4. Skin-lightening cream If you have a serious case of dark circles and want to remedy the issue quickly, consider skin-lightening creams that work on pigmentation in the eye area. Notable ingredients to look for including kojic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin c, and glutathione to name a few. 5. Medical treatments for dark circles In the case when you want to go the medical route or perhaps your dermatologist recommends it, there are treatments used to lighten dark circles. Treatments such as chemical peels (with customized acids and concentration according to your condition), laser therapy, and dermal fillers that work wonders as they work to counter the factors that are causing you dark circles in the first place. A surgical procedure known as blepharoplasty can also be done if you need it. The procedure works by removing a layer of fat at the eye area to decrease puffiness and shadow cast in the under eye, which in turn reduces the appearance of dark circles. Multiple solutions and remedies are available to treat dark circles. And since there’s no one-size-fits-all, it’s best for you to get advice from your doctor to guide you on the best way to eliminate dark circles, for good.
Why Is Electrolyte Water Essential for the Body?
We are all aware that the benefits of drinking water are very remarkable: from controlling body temperature and blood pressure to enhancing mood, memory, and productivity. But do electrolytes added to the water, increase the benefits of H2O? What are Electrolytes? When dissolved in water, electrolytes are minerals that contain an electric charge. The meals you consume and the liquids you drink, keep your body electrolytes. These minerals, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, transport via the body and use their electrical energy, which include: · Balance your body's water amount · Balance the pH level of your body · Move your cells with nutrition · Stir your cells with garbage · Regulate your nerves, your muscles, and your heart and brain · Help reconstruction of tissue damaged Electrically loaded minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are injected into electrolyte water. Electrolyte water can sometimes be called mineral water or alkaline water. Whether you think it or not, seawater and tap water even contain different kinds of salt electrolytes. It is not recommended to drink salt water; it has a correct balance of minerals, which is essential for health promotion. Drinking water-electrolyte was specially developed with an optimal concentration of only the most advantageous electrolytes to boost hydrating and other body processes. Like sports drinks, electrolytes have been added for increased hydration but sports drinks often contain high quantities of sugar and calories. What is Electrolyte Water Up to 60% of the human adult body is comprised of water. Your body cannot execute all its vital tasks when you lose even a modest bit of this 60 percent. Electrolytes are dehydrated and control your hydration. Electrolyte levels in your blood may be too low in some circumstances, resulting in an imbalance. An electrolyte imbalance might adversely affect your health. Symptoms maybe – · Fatigue · Fast or irregular heartbeat · Numbness and tingling · Confusion · Muscle weakness and cramping · Headaches · Convulsions 1. Improves Performance During Workouts It is recommended that electrolyte-enhanced water be drunk frequently while practicing to restore the electrolytes lost in sweat. This improves the functioning of your heart, brain, muscle, and nerve system. 2. Supports Nervous System All of us can imagine sports athletes picking up sports beverages to recharge their lost electrolytes, but not only athletes have to maintain their bodies fluid and hydrated. Understanding the need for continuous moisture keeps us safe and productive in the end. Even a minor loss in moisture can result in reduced cognitive capacities, less attention and awareness, and less time to respond. Your reaction time is equal to someone with a blood level of alcohol at dehydration of 3% by .08%. 3. Protection from Heat Stroke Hot environments place you in danger from moderate heat rash to life-threatening heatstroke in a range of heat-related diseases. Your body usually handles heat by releasing it and sweating it across your skin. However, in hot temperatures, this cooling system can begin to malfunction, resulting in a dangerously high body temperature. You need to limit your heating time to avoid heat-related ailments. However, it is also essentially important to get sufficient fluids and electrolytes to keep your body cool. You can get electrolyte waters of different flavors all enriched with electrolytes and essential minerals at sites like eBay such as TrueGether. They offer timely discounts to their customers and all the products are very affordable!
Why Do I Have Acne?
Acne is a skin condition that affects the oil glands and hair follicles. The pores in your skin are linked to glands that produce an oily substance called sebum. The glands and your pores are linked by a canal called the follicle, which contains thin hair that grows to the skin's surface. When sebum and dead skin cells combine, they form a plug in the follicle. The bacteria in the plug causes inflammation, which results in red inflamed acne and furthermore, acne scars What is the underlying cause of acne? Despite the fact that the exact cause of acne has yet to be determined. However, there are some things that can cause or worsen acne, such as: 1. Hormonal changes such as puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy can all cause acne. 2. Squeezing or picking at existing pimples 3. Excessive cleaning or scrubbing of the skin 4. Weather with high humidity 5. When you use excessive amounts of cosmetics or experiment with them, as well as harmful hair products and oil-based products such as sunscreen. 6. Corticosteroids and anabolic steroids for body building. 7. Acne on the forehead is linked to dandruff in the hair. What are the signs and symptoms of acne? Everyone is unique, and so are their symptoms. As a result, different symptoms indicate different types of acne. As an example: 1. If you have blackheads, they are open, clogged pores on the surface of your skin. 2. If you have whiteheads, they are plugged pores close to the skin's surface. 3. If you have papules, these are small, tender red/pink bumps on your skin. 4. Pustules are papules with pus on top if you have them. 5. If you have nodules, which are large, painful lumps deep beneath the skin's surface, 6. If you have cysts, they can be painful, pus-filled lumps located beneath the skin's surface. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that can affect anyone, regardless of age. It is unquestionably a difficult condition to prevent and even more difficult to treat. Certain natural remedies, such as stress control and weight loss help tremendously. If you are suffering from acne do consider discussing it with your dermatologist. Medical science has advanced a lot in treating even the most severe forms of acne such as cystic acne and hormonal acne. You no longer need to suffer alone.
Hindari Makanan Ini untuk Kulit Indah
Anda mungkin pernah mendengar paham: kita dibentuk oleh makanan yang kita makan. Ketika bicara tentang kondisi kulit, kualitas kulit merupakan cerminan dari pola makan yang dimiliki. Berikut adalah makanan yang jika diasup terlalu sering bisa mengurangi keindahan kulit. 1. Makanan yang diproses Selama pemrosesan, enzim-enzim hidup dan nutrisi dalam makanan akan berkurang bahkan hilang. Karena itu, jika ingin kulit tampak cerah, makanlah hanya bahan makanan berkualitas. Makanan yang mengandung air tinggi, terutama sayur dan buah, akan membantu melembabkan kulit, mengatur produksi minyak, dan membantu detoksifikasi. 2. Daging Bila memungkinkan, belilah daging organik. Beberapa jenis daging hewan ternak diketahui diberi tambahan hormon dalam makanannya, bahkan antibiotik supaya mereka tidak gampang sakit. Jika kita mengonsumsi dagingnya, maka komponen tambahan dalam pakan tenak itu bisa menyebabkan ketidakseimbangan hormon yang bisa memicu jerawat dan inflamasi. 3. Gorengan Jika minyak dipanaskan dalam suhu tinggi, maka minyak dan lemak akan teroksidasi dan akan masuk lewat makanan ke tubuh kita. Minyak yang dipakai berulang kali untuk memasak juga tidak disarankan karena lemaknya sangat kental dan sulit didetoks tubuh. Selain berakibat buruk bagi pembuluh darah, kebiasaan mengonsumsi makanan yang digoreng juga akan membuat kolagen dan elastin lambat diproduksi sehingga kulit tampak kendur dan kusam. 4. Gula berlebihan Gula akan melemahkan sistem imun sehingga tubuh tidak mampu melawan bakteri dengan maksimal, termasuk bakteri penyebab jerawat. Di dalam tubuh, gula bersifat asam sehingga lebih banyak bakteri merugikan yang hidup. Ini berarti lebih banyak toksin dan membuat kulit lebih kusam. Selain itu, makanan yang mengandung gula tinggi juga menyebabkan kadar gula darah cepat naik sehingga kadar insulin banyak beredar dalam darah. Studi terbaru menunjukkan hal tersebut juga akan memicu jerawat. 5. Kafein berlebih Penelitian menunjukkan, konsumsi 2-3 cangkir minuman berkafein setiap hari akan memicu respons adrenocortical pituitary yang akan meningkatkan level kortisol dalam tubuh. Kelebihan hormon kortisol (dikenal sebagai hormon stres) terbukti mempercepat proses penuaan dan merusak kulit. Kopi juga bersifat diuretik dan membuat tubuh dehidrasi sehingga penampilan kulit pun jadi terganggu.
"Wine" Bisa Turunkan Berat Badan?
Kabar baik bagi Anda yang bisa dan gemar menyesap wine. Sebuah penelitian yang dimuat dalam Aging Journal mengungkapkan bahwa wine bisa membantu Anda untuk menjaga berat badan. Penelitian ini dilakukan terhadap 20.000 perempuan yang memiliki berat badan yang normal selama 13 tahun. Para peserta dibagi menjadi beberapa kelompok yang diberi minum dua gelas red wine dalam menu makanannya, bir, liquer, dan kelompok tanpa wine dan minuman. Seiring berjalannya waktu, perempuan yang minum wine ternyata berat badannya 30 persen lebih stabil dibandingkan yang bukan peminum. "Wine banyak mengandung antioksidan yang berfungsi untuk mengurangi kolesterol dan tekanan darah," ungkap Jana Klauer, dokter nutrisi dan metabolisme. Wine juga mampu memacu tubuh untuk membakar kalori lebih banyak. "Perempuan memiliki enzim pemecah alkohol lebih besar daripada pria, sehingga ketika perempuan minum wine, tubuhnya harus bekerja lebih keras untuk memecah alkohol dengan cara membakar kalori lebih banyak," jelas Klauer. Kandungan senyawa resveratol dalam red wine dinilai punya pengaruh penting dalam program diet ini. Resveratol, senyawa khusus yang hanya ditemukan dalam anggur merah, bisa membantu meredam nafsu makan. Dalam jurnal ini diungkapkan juga bahwa, setelah menyesap anggur merah, keinginan untuk makan makanan penutup yang manis juga berkurang. Lu Wang, MD, PhD, salah seorang peneliti, mengungkapkan bahwa alkohol dalam wine bisa membakar kalori melalui proses thermogenesis. Hal ini berarti, alkohol membakar kalori dengan cara meningkatkan suhu tubuh menjadi lebih panas. Hal inilah yang menyebabkan muka Anda memerah saat menyesap minuman ini. Bukan solusi utama Sekalipun penelitian ini mengungkapkan bahwa anggur bisa membantu program diet, bukan berarti wine dalam jumlah banyak bisa mempercepat penurunan berat. Para peneliti ini menyarankan untuk menikmati wine antara 1-2 gelas per harinya. Yang perlu diingat, hanya minum wine saja bukan jaminan bisa memiliki tubuh langsing. Bagaimana pun juga pola makan yang cukup, olahraga, dan gaya hidup sehat adalah kunci utamanya. Minum wine saja tidak akan menyelesaikan masalah Anda, karena wine berkalori 125 kkal/5 ons-nya. "Itulah mengapa minum wine saja bukan strategi penurunan berat badan sendiri, tapi harus digabungkan dengan diet sehat dan olahraga. Konsumsi wine berlebihan justru akan menyebabkan kesehatan menurun dan memicu timbulnya kanker payudara," tambah Klauer. sumber:
How to Make Sure Your Neck Never Gives Away Your Age
Your skin care routine is flawless, and your face has never looked more vibrant and glowing. But then you look down to see it - your neck. Your neck, which is frequently affected by wrinkles, bands, and sagging, is one of the first and most visible parts of the body to show signs of ageing. Even using your regular skin care routine on the neck does not always appear to help with these issues. So, what are the best methods for combating and smoothing these age-related fine lines? Surprisingly, the face and the neck are linked; however, the ageing of the neck is slightly different. There are several reasons for this, one of which is that the skin on the neck is extremely thin. It is vulnerable to sun damage. But what distinguishes the neck is that it moves; the neck is a joint, just like your elbow or knee. And we develop creases over our joints over time. Normal skin ageing causes collagen and elastic tissue to break down, which accounts for neck wrinkles and sagging. This typically manifests itself around the mid-20s, and it is exacerbated in those who have had increased exposure to sunlight and pollutants such as cigarette smoke. These creases and bands on the neck have gotten worse in recent decades as a result of a condition known as "tech neck," which is caused by looking down at electronic devices for long periods of time. Neck bands become worse with neck movement, such as moving the neck up and down. They also get deeper when you hold your neck in a downward position while browsing on your phone or working on your laptop. Is there a way to prevent neck ageing? The best solution is to prevent sagging and wrinkles from forming in the first place. It is always easier to prevent damage than it is to repair or rejuvenate it. Sunscreen This product is your best line of defence against wrinkles and other signs of ageing. When choosing a sunscreen, look for one with an SPF of 30 or higher. Sun damage accelerates the appearance of ageing on all parts of the body. Do you already apply sunscreen to your face? Apply the same skin care routine that you use on your face to your neck. Antioxidants Another method of prevention is to use topical treatments and creams containing antioxidants. Ingredients such as vitamin C and E, can help reverse the effects of sunlight and pollution. They also stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines and improve skin elasticity. Retinols Retinols are also beneficial in combating the signs of ageing. If you have sensitive skin and are concerned about the strength, choose a cream that contains Retinyl Palmitate, a ProRetinol that is mild enough for most people. When it comes to stimulating collagen, retinoid creams are an excellent choice. Diet What you eat can also have an impact on how our skin looks. A diet high in antioxidants and low in sugar helps to prevent collagen damage. Weight fluctuation has a significant impact on your neck. If you have a history of yo-yo dieting, this will contribute to neck laxity. The most effective neck wrinkle treatments If you've already developed these unsightly wrinkles and sagging, it may be time to seek treatment. Here are some examples of dermatologist led options... HIFU Ultherapy, which uses ultrasound, penetrates deeper into the skin's layers than creams, stimulating collagen at the deeper layers and preventing sagging neck. Lasers Non-ablative fractionated resurfacing lasers, such as Clear and Brilliant or Fraxel, can help improve your skin's texture. MNRF All radiofrequency microneedling devices stimulate collagen and elastic tissue, which aids in the treatment of horizontal neck bands. If you choose this procedure, keep in mind that it will necessitate multiple treatments. Injectables Another option for filling neck bands and horizontal lines is injectables. Dermal fillers do not treat muscle, but they can help to smooth out fine lines and plump up the skin on the neck, giving it a more youthful appearance. Botox is preferable for bands and neck cords because it softens their appearance by relaxing the muscle.
Dampak Buruk Akibat Kurang Tidur
Kesibukan kerja dan aktivitas sosial lain saat ini begitu menyita waktu, sehingga banyak orang cenderung kekurangan tidur. Padahal, efek kurang tidur bukan sekadar akan membuat Anda mengantuk keesokan harinya, dan jadi kurang dapat berkonsentrasi saat bekerja. Beberapa pakar saraf meyakini bahwa salah satu tujuan tidur adalah memberikan peluang pada otak untuk membangun dan menguatkan jaringan penghubung saraf. Orang yang biasa tidur cukup akan memelajari informasi baru dengan lebih cepat dan memiliki memori yang lebih tajam. Namun apa jadinya bila Anda selalu kekurangan tidur dari hari ke hari? Mari kita coba hitung satu per satu. Kekurangan tidur akan memberikan efek jangka pendek maupun jangka panjang. Efek langsungnya, ketika Anda terjaga dalam keadaan kaget karena mendengar suara alarm, Anda akan cenderung menjalani hari dengan mood yang kurang baik Berikut dampak akibat kurang tidur: Ngidam junk food Tidur terlalu sedikit dapat memancing hormon yang mengatur nafsu makan, meningkatkan keinginan makan tinggi lemak, makanan yang tinggi karbohidrat dan menyebabkan kalori yang lebih dari kebutuhan tubuh. Dalam sebuah studi, orang-orang yang kekurangan tidur dalam 2 malam memiliki lebih banyak hormon ghrelin yang mempengaruhi rasa lapar dan sedikit hormon leptin yang merupakan hormon penekan selera makan. Dalam waktu lama, hal ini bisa menyebabkan penambahan berat badan. Dalam sebuah penelitian dari Universitas Washington menemukan bahwa orang-orang yang tidur 7 sampai 9 jam setiap malam memiliki berat badan rata-rata 24.8-hampir 2 poin lebih rendah dari rata-rata mereka yang tidur kurang. Menjadi magnet kuman Orang yang tidur kurang dari 7 jam per malam memiliki kemungkinan 3 kali lebih besar dalam terkena pilek, menurut penelitian JAMA. Penelitian lain menemukan bahwa pria yang kurang tidur susah menjaga respon imunitas normalnya setelah menerima suntikan flu. Para pria itu hanya memiliki setengah antibodi sebagai pelawan penyakit setelah 10 hari vaksinasi dibandingkan pria yang tidur cukup. Karena itu tidur dapat meningkatkan imunitas tubuh. Kurang mampu mengolah glukosa Setiap sell tubuh memerlukan bahan bakar untuk berfungsi sempurna. Menurut peneliti dari Universitas Chicago, Kekurangan tidur 6 hari saja akan membuat orang mempunyai kemungkinan untuk resistensi terhadap insulin, yaitu hormon yang membantu mengangkut glukosa dari aliran darah ke sell. Dalam studi lain, tes menunjukkan bahwa peserta yang tidur kurang dari 6 jam/ malam tidak dapat mengolah gula dengan benar. Hal ini bisa mengakibatkan diabetes tipe 2 . Berada dalam badai stress yang tidak pernah berakhir Penelitian di Universitas Chicago juga menemukan bahwa kurang menutup mata menyebabkan tingkat kortisol, hormon stres meningkat saat sore dan malam dan menyebabkan peningkatan detak jantung, tekanan darah, dan glukosa darah. Hal itu bisa meningkatkan risiko hipertensi, penyakit jantung, dan diabetes tipe 2 . Selain berakibat dengan masalah kesehatan di masa depan, kortisol datang di saat yang tidak tepat yaitu pada saat anda harus istirahat dengan tidur. Suasana hati buruk dan otak yang terasa berkabut Setelah melewati malam yang gelisah, konsentrasi anda berkurang dan membuat kegiatan-kegiatan tertentu seperti mengemudimenjadi berbahaya. Orang yang mengalami kelelahan fatal juga kurang bahagia. Suasana hati dan tidur diatur oleh zat kimia otak yang sama. Hal ini bisa meningkatkan kemungkinan depresi, namun kasus ini hanya berlaku pada orang-orang yang rentan terhadap penyakit. Kurang tidur membuat anda terlihat lebih tua Semua orang membuktikan hal ini, kulit jadi pucat dan gelap. Lebih buruk lagi, peningkatan kadar kortisol dapat memperlambat produksi kolagen, yang bisa mengakibatkan keriput. Karena itu, banyak yang menyebut bahwa tidur itu juga disebut beauty sleep, karena perubahan hormon akan meningkatkan aliran darah ke kulit, yang bisa menyebabkan kulit cerah dalam semalam. Selain itu, hal ini juga membuat berbagai kosmetik meresap lebih cepat karena bahkan pada saat anda tidur, kulit anda juga masih tetap bekerja keras. Penelitian juga menunjukan bahwa kulit mengalami pergantian 8 kali lebih cepat pada saat anda tidur, jadi tidur cukup bisa mengurangi kerutan. Memiliki risiko kanker lebih tinggi Latihan membantu mencegah kanker, tetapi sedikit tidur bisa menyebabkan pengurangan efek latihan ini, begitu disimpulkan dalam studi kesehatan sekolah kesehatan Johns Hopkins Bloomberg. Penelitian ini melibatkan 6.000 wanita selama sekitar satu dekade, mereka menemukan bahwa penggemar latihan yang tidur kurang dari 7 jam per malam memiliki kemungkinan 50 persen lebih besar terkena kanker dibandingkan yang tidur lebih banyak. Kurang tidur dapat menyebabkan gangguan hormonal dan metabolisme dikaitkan dengan risiko kanker,hal ini bisa menghapus manfaat olahraga. Sumber: