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KCON 2015 is coming to the East Coast!!!! The lineup isn't out yet, but the information I've found is.... When: August 8 Location: Prudential Center, NJ (which I don't understand why since they said it's gonna be in New York.. but I looked up how far the place is away from New York City and it was about 35 minutes away...) OMGEEEEEEE. When I saw this my sisters and I literally started FREAKING OUT. I'm so excited that Kcon is finally coming to the East Coast! We could actually be able to go!!'s not definite but there's a possibility! I'm so excited! :D How do you guys feel about KCON branching out to the East Coast? More information:
Thats awesome!! I really hope we can both go and that it's a good line up this year! :) @caricakes
@StephanieDuong Cool! I live in San Diego but never got to go to the LA ones, but I go to school in NYC so now maybe I finally can!!!!!!!!
Thanks! I hope I do too! My mom is actually considering letting my sisters and I go. :D @caricakes
I really want to go!!!!!! I hope you get tickets (and yeah, its in new jersey but at least there is a train straight there from manhattan!)