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Hmmm, but did Pocahontas CHOOSE Kocoum first? I didn't think so but Anna totally thought she wanted Hans!
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May not even be husband one, two, three, four or more! Parents/Movies drill into young girls minds Prince Charming will be our Knights in Shining Armor! Maybe in the past! Isn't always the case and becoming more rare, especially older we get. Parents/Movies may wish to consider encouraging independence, self sufficiency, good education and jobs, those who are either single women and maturing freezing their eggs for the future or adoption, and just not rushing but getting everything you want as a person whether you're male or female. Ah being a woman so much to bare! Still isn't it great!
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@redridergirl You're right! We've gotta push more options, and all the options! There's so many possibilities if we would only pay attention to them all~
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