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The new battle-of-the-sexes romcom A Divorce Lawyer in Love kicked off this week, and lead actor Yeon Woo Jin is already in top form!
If you've only seen him as the mopey murderer in Arang and the Magistrate, you haven't even seen half of what he has to offer! Fans of his last series Marriage, Not Dating discovered that he is a genius when it comes to physical comedy, and his varied facial expressions are the best thing ever!In the first two episodes of Divorce Lawyer in Love, he's already putting those facial muscles to work! Here are 9 GIFs of him in his new series that perfectly express what life is like as a K-drama addict:
1. When I'm calculating if I have time to squeeze in one more episode before I absolutely have to go to sleep (and then decide to watch it anyway):
2. When someone tries to tell me that there's almost no chance I will ever meet my bias in real life:
3. When I'm intently watching a kiss scene, and it ends up being a fake-out:
4. When someone catches me watching a drama at work:
5. When a superfan asks my opinion about their bias, who I don't actually like:
6. When I've seen an episode before my friend and try not to give spoilers:
7. When a new episode comes out of my favorite show:
8. When someone calls K-dramas "soap operas":
9. When I meet another K-drama fan:
ooooooh ... looks like i missed that @christy ... while i was on hiatus ... :'(
No problem? Aha
What about arrirang and Dubai @christy @divalycious
OMG I love this guy so much.. I want to watch this drama but I have tests coming up
I watched the two episodes@divalycious and enjoyed it especially I like the lead actor and his way in acting. and feel positive toward this drama. and thank you friend for checking for arirang
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