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Planning your day ahead of time gives you the chance to make sure that you're fitting in all the important things you need to get to throughout the day. You'll know when you have 45 minutes to hit the gym, or more than an hour to do your laundry.
Fill up a circle chart (color coding is advised!) for tomorrow and see how much free time you have and then think:
what can you do with it!?
You'll find that you stress less about getting things done and you'll probably find time to do more things that you actually want to do!

To have a healthy day remember these tips:

- 6-8 hours of sleep per night is recommended for adults
- 30+ minutes of exercise per day is a must, regardless of if you're not trying to lose weight
- Meals should take you about 15+ minutes to comfortably eat
I feel like I need this on my fridge, I always think I have more time than I actually do haha
Clipping this to get my life back together haha!
With kids, planning your day isn't just a good habit, its a necessity!
Cute chart! I usually just right down a to do list and try to guestimate how much time each thing will take.
I always try to plan my work first, then meals, then other things like gym and laundry :)