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It doesn't immediately make sense to think that someone who goes blind or loses a substantial part of their vision is still able to make art that is so much more beautiful and creative than anything I can do (let's just say I haven't made it out of the kindergarten level of art).
But I just found a few amazing artists who, despite visual impairment or life changing blindness, make amazing art!!! They really took the idea that obstacles are meant to teach us and did something amazing, and I can't help but be inspired to get better at things I thought I am just not meant to be good at (like running!! I cant' blame my body anymore!)

1. John Bramblitt

His plans in life were basically set when he became functionally blind (he can only see the difference between light and dark) in his 30s, he didn't know what to do. But the, he started using raised paint with texture, labeling his colors in braille, and creating all these really awesome pieces of art!!! He didnt' even tell people he was blind for his first few shows, because he wanted his art to be judged simply as art, not because of his unique creation process. You can buy his work here :)

2. Keith Salmon

Keith faced rapid visual degeneration due to a diabetic problem, and while he is registered as blind he still has very limited vision. As his sight went away, his style changed, in his words "into organized scribbles" but he still has found a way to learn and grow as he makes his art! I personally like his art the best of all of these!

3. Jeff Hanson

He lost much of his sight due to a tumor on his optic nerve 10 years ago, but has still managed to make such beautiful works. They usually have a lot of geometric repetition, and he takes his inspiration from nature.
His advice for others facing hardships is great, too:
"Live life with a purpose. Don’t let your CLOD (what he nicknamed his tumor) define you. Generosity begets generosity. Be passionate in everything you do."
Don't forget his advice :)
Wow. These are all so wonderful! I really enjoy number 2 - Keith Salmon's work a lot! They're all amazing - thanks so much for sharing this!
yes these all are absolutely beautiful thanks so much for sharing incredible stunning inspirational and beyond amazing piece definitely love these . :)
@JonPatrickHyde No problem! I was so excited to find such amazing works in sort of unexpected places, so I had to share it! Salmon's work has a subtle softness that I love. @sherrysahar Glad you enjoyed!!