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At last, it’s IU‘s turn to have her initial Producer stills unveiled.We see her as Cindy, a top singer, just like IU’s real life status; however, her character is an ice princess, in all likelihood, a far stretch from the Dream High grad’s real personality. As shown in these stills, she has a deadpan expression. Not a sliver of feelings seeps from her as she stares coolly out the window, seeming to concentrate on her thoughts. She’s also eye-catching as she wears bright red lipstick and a sexy, black see-through dress under a leather jacket.Like IU, Cindy debuted at a young age and quickly ascended to top stardom. With such early fame, then it’s probably not surprising that she’s got as big a head as Kanye West, but she might not have that comfy top spot for long. Perhaps she’ll struggle with maintaining it; it is the entertainment industry, after all.Contrary to earlier reports, Producer will now be airing on May 15th.