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Our favorite foods, they are a-changing! Due to consumers being more and more aware of the chemicals and products that are being used unnecessarily in foods, a lot of big brand names (Pepsi Co, Kraft, and more) are making changes to recipes and products that have been around for years and years.

Kraft Mac'n Cheese

Yellow 5 and yellow 6 dyes are used to make the color we expect out of Mac'n cheese in the US, and they are banned in a few European countries for having adverse health effects. As of 2016, these dyes won't be used in the US product either, which will then be colored with natural US sources. Say good-bye to that chemical orange you know so well.

Diet Pepsi

Because a lot of people have heard that aspartame may cause health problems (though the FDA says it's safe), Pepsi Co. has decided to replace it with sucralose, another artificial sweetener you know as Splenda. Sales for both Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi have been falling for the past 10 years, largely because people see the artificial sweeteners as dangerous, so Pepsi will be changing. But the taste, apparently, will remain the same. Coke won't be changing anything.
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@RosietheRiveter Hopefully, it won't be noticeable.
@drwhat Oh joy! :-/
@RosietheRiveter Well, according to Pepsi it will have a different "mouthfeel" but the same taste, whatever that means.
I really hope diet pepsi doesn't taste any different ...
Never liked diet coke. The only carbonated drink that I come to love are the ones from Izze (especially the pomegranate flavor).
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