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Happy Birthday Christy! I hope today is everything you could possibly wish for and more!
Come on K-Pop Community lets all wish @christy the happiest of Birthdays! ^^
Happy birthday Christy sis love u I still remember the first time I met u always be the way you're such a caring and loving and thxx so much for being my awesome friend I love you :) <3
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@jiggzy19 Hahaha ... we r like sisters :) not in real life ... kisses
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Thank you@harmonico @jiggzy19 @snowinseoul @Ambie @PassTheSuga for all of ur good wishes. I could I hope u all celebrate with me. and u too @mattk95
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HAPPYYYY BIRHDAY *starts popping balloons while screaming*
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :D @christy
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