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@SoumikRoy I'm good mate. No worries.
if u like u can give me your dob year and place of birth with time.if u want to know any thing I can help u.
spudsy2061. Western countries have good everything.Hygiene.and well maintained laws. But things r little different here .so we have to believe in God. have to believe in supernatural to keep us safe.and Surprisingly most of The times they helps us.if u believe u will get and u only can go long distance if u argue.
Aquarians r very moody.secret.sticked to their own judgment.U said about u and your X.technically this match is Not good.But what happened with a awua boy and a Libra girl.they r in The most hot and successful love matches.but in an example they above all FATE is every thing.I know in western countries people don't believe in these thing s.But In India and other Eastern countries we believe and maintain Astrology. And we r happy with It.
I hate how people knock this kinda stuff and then don't for once take it at like face value. For example, my ex (an Aquarius) and I (a Capricorn) dated for 4 years. It ended in a disaster. We both don't even speak to each other and haven't for almost 18 months now. My currently and new gf (a Virgo) are flying high. Things are ace and couldn't be any better. Looking at the chart, sometimes these crazy astrology things might just be true. :D
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