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Netizens Believe Tao Is Faking His Injury To Leave EXO April 23, 2015

Knetizens (and even some international fans) currently saying Tao is faking and milking his injury so he could have an excuse to get out of EXO.Netizen comments from Netizen Buzz
[+534, -32] If someone’s that badly injured, wouldn’t the manager usually get medicine for him? Why would he be at the pharmacy alone??????
[+526, -67] Don’t worry, he’ll be walking just fine once he gets to China
[+392, -70] Looks like he’s putting on a show
[+48, -9] How does he have crutches if he doesn’t have a cast? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He should’ve taken the pictures more naturally. How does he expect us to believe he was using crutches with one hand holding his wallet and bag? ㅋㅋㅋ
[+41, -1] These pictures are old, there are other pictures already where he was out playing when he was sitting out on schedules because he was injured. These pictures are just an excuse he needs to leave the group.
[+27, -1] I don’t get it… he didn’t have any schedules because he was injured, then he should take his beef up with IAC, why take it out on the company? You had time off… and others say you went out and played.. what’s the problem?
[+27, -0] How’d he get the crutches if he doesn’t have a cast.. it’s like he took these pictures because he knew he was going to start this scandal.
[+26, -1] I still don’t get why he wants to leave the group because he’s sick and injured. If you’re sick at school, you get asked to get sent home… you don’t ask to get expelled.
[+19, -0] So getting crutches means you can leave your group now? ㅋㅋ If he signed his contract and got paid by the company, isn’t it only right to provide them the services they’re paying you for?
[+18, -0] I’m a fan. These pictures are old. What happened more recently is when the members were busy attending fan meets, music shows, and radio appearances, Tao was able to walk just fine enough to go to Everland theme park ㅋㅋ Seriously, if the Chinese members have any shame, they need to apologize to the Korean members and screw off ㅋ Does Tao think he’s the only one who’s sick? Kai has been performing on stage despite his back pain getting to the point where his hands involuntarily shake. Being sick is just the best excuse for them to use to leave the group.

can we not like seriously
I'm upset with people thinking that Tao fakes his injuries. It's so sad that they believe those rumors. @MattK95
Do people not understand that Tao now has injuries that will never heal properly? I know I shouldn't let this get me so upset, its just so annoying :(
This has officially made me very angry
Yeah, It made me angry also @MattK95
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