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Here's a chance for you to share some rather oddball things about yourself (in the comment section below). To help get your imagination going, I'll share some things about myself....
1. Whether it's TV or radio if the volume indicator has numbers, it must be on an EVEN number...odd numbers for that are just stupid. I'm waiting for the day when they sell a device that only shows gradients in even numbers at all.
2. When I eat a meal that has multiple different types of foods on it (eg. eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, meat, etc), I eat an entire food-group before moving onto the next. I don't pick a little from here and a little from there throughout the meal. The order in which things are consumed is determined by which would taste the worst if eaten cold (so in a breakfast meal, eggs are always eaten first and toast finished last). Speaking of eggs, you don't want to see how I eat eggs, this is something only a therapist should discuss with me and I've not known any other human being who eats them quite the way I do.
3. I both despise and am fearful of butterflies. I'm sure all they're thinking is that if they could pierce my skin with that long feeding thingy of theirs, they'd be more than happy to suck every drop of blood and even my very soul (if it were possible) out of my body. Butterflies are pure evil.
4. I've never ridden a horse and never will. I can't imagine that horses like it when people climb on top of them, so I don't want to be mean. So for those of you who have ridden horses and liked it, I consider you to be selfish and mean, plus you probably like butterflies too!
5. Without intentionally trying to accomplish this (I have nothing against her), I've come to the rather useless realization that I've never actually heard a song performed by Taylor Swift. From what I understand the odds of this are about as extreme as winning the lottery, but nevertheless I've never done it. I know she's available at any moment for me to listen to on YouTube, but meh...why bother?
6. I like chick peas and eat them often, but the word "hummus" is just disgusting sounding to me and I refuse to even try it. It sounds like something that would ooze out of an infected wound or something...blech. Tell me this doesn't look just disgusting?!
7. The older I get the more I catch myself answering out loud to the voices that I only hear in my head. I blame butterflies for this.
Sometimes if I stare at little dots for too long I start to itch all over.. shhh don't tell anybody!
so many things! where do I start? which do I choose? I eat in a pattern/one direction and my plate must never get messy, neither must a grain or crumb escape my plate.I pull bags label up and get confused when the label goes sideways, eg. the snickers wrapping. I place groceries in the cupboard label facing out.
when I eat cereal like Cheerios, or cocoa puffs I eat them by twos and if it's colored cereal like fruit loops I eat them depending on my favorite color and still by twos
I stared at the numbers for like a whole 2 minutes just picking out patterns in it.