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Last time, JW asks SY to be in relationship and HJ sees it. What's gonna happen to them? SY says "What r u doing?" But JW says "I told u ur voice is similar with her. Don't say anything." Then he takes SY to his car. HJ tries to catch her, but he can't run because of his legs. In his car, JW says "What do u wanna do? U told me u wanna have friend in Seoul." SY says "I have nothing I wanna do with u. So stop the car!" But JW ingnores her saying, "I think I choosed good friend. I had lot of things I wanna do when I have friend. U're almost there, hold on. Now here we are. Let's go." The place he took her is the restuarant where SY's mom works. At the moment JW gonna go out, SY says "U looked down on me.. U wanna eat with me in these restuarant? Let's go somewhere else..I know a place." In the restuarant, SY says "U wanna be in relationship with me? Well, I would go to Hongkong for shopping tmr, so let's go there together." Suddenly JW hold her hands, "U wanna be my lover only when u're shopping? No..I had lots of things I wanted to do. First, let's go to playground." SY gets embarrassed and angry so hit JW's cheeck. "R u crazy? I shouldn't treated u from the first time." Then she leaves. After taking her off, JW meets her mom. "See this pics. What did u do? Do not annoy her." *JW's mom is a running a botique in Seoul and she wanna work with SY who is famous designer in Paris. So JW's mom try to attract her, but SY ignores her. But JW's mom doesn't give up and try to contact to SY continually by any means. In the meanwhile, SY runs to home hearing HJ gets treatment because of legs. SY says "I think I made mistake. JW remembers so many things about SY than I expected. Of course, he would feel guilty. I was going to harass him, but now I feel painful. I hate somebody find young SY in me. You know how hard I forgot myself when I was young...If u weren't there, I'd die being left behind..Are you gonna comeback after party here? I will go back to Paris earlier than you." At that night, JW's younger sister(A-Ruem) stays in his room. JW asks "Hey, if u were SY, wat would u do to me?" AR says "Well..If I were her..I'd revenge you..! I'd give you same heartbreaking I got." Suddenly, EJ comes in. "Hey, I know SY well. She's not SY. U've done enough to find her. Now give up and do not annoy her misunderstanding that she's SY." Next day, JW goes to police officer. Cleaning women says "This morning I heard criminal used a certain drug." Suddenly SD's friend who pointed JW as murderer comes to police officer. JW gets angry and In the meanwhile, Nam secretary threatens HJ again. "I need more money. Give me another 5000000000W." HJ says, "I can't give u money without no reason. Bring me president TJ's secret fund list." SY's shopping for HJ and JW appears in front of her, but SY ignores him. But JW chases her, sending a message 'Give me only 5 min. That's all I need.' SY stops her car finally. JW says "U told me u lost ur phone. Where did u lose? I'm investigating an accident, and I heard somebody used Frace's phone. I just wanted to prevent for u to be worried because of it." But JW chases SY to her home. In her home, JW asks to HJ. "A few days ago, u had a car accident with someone right? The guy was murdered recently. I saw it in hidden camera and SY seemed she got freaked out." HJ says "U're talking about Joi again. Well..actually we had a car accident when we were young. At that time I got hurt in my leg. Maybe she'd freaked out because of the reason." JW says "What if she looks like SY continually? I feel embarrassed but I can't get the thinking out of my mind." Then SY comes and says "U said I look like SY? Are u looking for her?Are you gonna belive that I'm not SY if I get genetic testing? Even if you're finding but u didn't find still, it means u threw away her." But JW says "Genetic testing? I can do that thosands times. If I didn't find still, it doesn't mean I threw away her. She'd coming toward me still." *Joi is SY's new name since she moved to france after sexual invading when she was young. In the meanwhile, JW became to participated in investigating the murdering accident. He has conference with college. The criminal is women. She used dry ice and stun gun to subdue her. President TJ promised to meet JW because of business, but JW break it. *TJ doesn't know he's JW. JW also uses new name Harry Borrison since he left to Paris. Police officer got an identification in accident scene, so they searched who she is. Surprisingly it was MH who is SY's mom. JW notices SD used SY's mom's identification to harass him. At that night, JW sees hidden camera near accident scene to see if he can see the criminal's car. In the cemera, he sees Joi(SY) is in a car and gets shocked. Next day, Harry (HJ) give a necklace to Joi (SY) and tries to kiss her, but she avoids it. At that night, Harry has a party with business people. President TJ goes there to meet him. Harry says "It's nice to meet u again. Harry Borrison." TJ says "I'm Han Tae Jun." Police officer looks SD's phone record before he dies. They finds he kept in touch with someone who is in Harry's home. In the meanwhile, JW appears in front of Joi in party.
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