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date : dec. 26th - dec.31th. 2014
destination : firenze, toscana, italia
hotel : NH hotel porta rossa firenze
It is one of the most famous places that attract many travellers, regardless of their backgrounds. Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, a.k.a Duomo, the Uffizi museum, and many other excellent traces from the Renaissance era, which definitely had the biggest impact on our lives today. Aside from the so-famous information that you can find everywhere about this beautiful city, let me give you some of my tips that will make your stay at Firenze "bellissima".
1. After hours of enriching tour at Uffizi. take a walk alongside the Arno River. Apart from the sparkles on this beautiful flow that holds the history of the city, you will come across with beautiful wall arts by some annonymous artists.
2. Do not make a reservation for a famous restaurant.
Firenze is the place where you can binge on the bistecca alla fiorentina, the T-bone stake, and Toscana wines. Yet, the famous restaurants among the world travellers, tend to be too busy for you to experience what this city can offer. There are exciting spots that you have never seen in anyone's blog near Ponte Vecchio, and you will practice your Italian to order your meal. It is totally worthwhile - the best wine I ever tasted with local Fiorentinas.
3. Take as much cappuccino as you can
We all know that Italy is the place you can have the best coffee. Yet do not panic that you can not find your Starbuck's where you can pick up your travelling cappuccino. You can hardly find a take-out- instead, you can enjoy your best cups(yes, cups! not a cup) everywhere. The famous Gilli and Paszkowski, of course, are the must-to-visit spots duriing your stay at Firenze. Have a breakfast at the bar with the locals at the dawn with the sound of the bell from the Duomo that has been there to wake up the Fiorentina for hundred years.
4. Enjoy the local events.
We are very aware of that Italy offers so many cultural experience. More exciting activities, perhaps, are what the local people spend their money on. I made a reservation for the famous La Traviata at Auditorium Al Dumo-Firenze, expecting a real luxurious thing. I was the only one in a black mini dress- most of the audience were in their cashmere cardigans and jeans. And it was not the classic La Traviata, but a modern version. After few minutes of embarrassing and disappointing moments, I was absolutely falling in love with this little performance. Brindisi, which you all are very familliar of, was literally seducing my ears. Violeta was lovely as ever. Yes, I was the only one who gave a standing ovation in a too-much-over-dressed for a local event, but who cares?
Let's continue on the Firenze stroy tomorrow. Guess my network is not stable tonight.
Your pics are lovely ^^ I've always wanted to go to Italy, but haven't made it :(
@onesmile THANK YOU SO MUCH for the very first response at my card. You should definitely visit Firenze again. My 5 days were never enough!
Ah, Firenze!! I really hope I can go here again someday. I made a short stop there during high school but it wasn't enough to enjoy in my own way, which is what I would like to do if possible. Looking forward to the rest of your stories :)
@jiyounglee76 I will try!! :)
@somnia YOU SHOULD!!!!!
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