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I love this! He sang at the top of his voice. And his score is only 62, ending up with frustration. =)) He's sooooo cute! :") But we all knew Yoo Chun is a good singer in real life. ^^
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@soula81 @nylamrehs It is! I'm so glad this capture got posted. It was a great scene. I had to replay it more than once.
me too... hahahah.. yoochun was really funny
@nylamrehs I think that if we didn't have moments like this, it would be a non-stop tragedy fest. So, I'm really glad we get some funny moments.
yup.. Glad that they give us a moment to breathe from all the tragedies that's been happening to them..
@nylamrehs Do you have any idea how the ratings are for the show? I know it started out pretty low.