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Hii Everyone I hope you all are doing great, So I decided to make this cards for Kpop Rookie groups. I kinda don't like when these rookie bands release their albums and people just overlook them and start comparing them always with other bands. And just like there great new songs can be ignored or just being looked at an average music. I completely disagree with this , I am one of those individuals that love and appreciates new talent as I know they have it damn hard always , I think we all know about this. These Rookie Kpop groups are definitely so damn talented and definitely deserve so much more love if people would just stop comparing.As of Know I have 2 groups in my mind Madtown and BIG (Boys In Groove). do check these awesome boybands out and If you already see these MVs you can watch them again and keep supporting them to show them that they all have awesome loving fans that appreciate their music always.
1) Madtown YOLO
2) Madtown New World
I just love Madtown so much , I think they are superb, I love both of their songs , I think both songs are just amazing and The last pic includes all their names, do check it out and enjoy their MVs.
1) BIG (Hello) I absolutely love love this song soo much.
2)BIG (Are you Ready) This is a great one and this MV is just so much fun I completely love it.
3)BIG (Between Night nd Music) I think this one is just amazing :) <3
I personally love this band soo much what do you all think about them.
And Lastly I just have one request , please no comparison and lets just keep sharing all these Kpop Rookies groups MVs and supporting them , lots of love and appreciation for all Kpop rookies Saranghhae Nd Fighhtinggg :)
We all are here to support you all
keep it up @jiggzy19
do you all agree
hehes enjoy Everyone have a great sunday. :) <3
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I remember laughing so hard when I first heard this B.I.G song. The lyrics sound like they were written by South Korea's Department of Tourism.
3 years agoReply
@danidee i agree but it sure is such a fun song thgh :D it was on reply mode for me ;)
3 years agoReply
Madtown seems fun by the way! They seem really confident for a rookie group! :)
3 years agoReply
yes I love madtown as well both of thr songs r awesome definitely hoping to c a lot more from madtown nd BIG as well馃槉
3 years agoReply
They are both amazing artists
3 years agoReply