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Would this count as a gadget? I'm not sure, perhaps not. Anyway, this is so cool! I've always loved treehouses and this is that, but a whole lot more.
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@cheerfulcallie No way, we could all get into it and it would still be okay. Apparently, the thing can hold 3200 pounds. That's insane.
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seriously??? whaooooo.......aight, count me in!!!!.....now who's gonna push this fattie into the floating ball?? yinofyang???......lolz
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@cheerfulcallie LOL! Only if you help push me in! Seriously, we could have a Vingle party in that thing.
5 years ago·Reply
maybe u can fly in there haha
5 years ago·Reply
@soula81 Heeheehee. If only we could fly.
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