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I was fortunate enough that my director allowed me the opportunity to design and create my Mayzie La Bird costume. To start, I read the script to pick out key phrases about Mayzie. Her character is described as self-centered, vain, glamorous, flamboyant, and glitzy. To bring out these characteristics, Mayzie’s costume has to be equally as extravagant as her. I then drew up preliminary designs for the costume including fabric types, colors, accessories, and also how the costume and tail would attach. After meeting with my director, we developed a conceptual design for Mayzie and I purchased the necessary materials.
While Mayzie’s color scheme is widely done as red, I decided that mine would be comprised of different shades of pink-- a mix between magenta and hot pink. The bodice is made of stretch velvet with a medium-weight satin lining to combat the velvet’s stretch while also providing some structure. The pattern used is Simplicity’s 2813. It has a separating zipper in the back with a hook and eye, extra room at the bottom for the mic pack, and connects to the skirt with space for the tail.
I based my skirt on flowers and made the bottom layer a circle skirt with pointed scallop edging and a zigzag stitch overlock. On top are “petals” of varying fabrics types, textures, colors, and size. I created the patterns, putting the longest and widest petals on the bottom, and the shortest on top. Each of the approximately forty petals were cut with pinking shears and overlocked to add texture, as well as gathered to give the skirt volume and movement when I walk. After using a basting stitch once each petal was pinned to the circle skirt, I joined the skirt and bodice together but left the back completely open. Instead of continuing the seam, the skirt closes with four large snaps, which are snapped together under the tail once it is put on.
The tail is built on a wide strip of elastic that snugly fits my waist, and each of the six feather boas are looped and tied around the elastic, and tacked together in areas to give volume. As a finishing touch, I sprayed it with gold glitter spray.
I created long fingerless gloves out of the same velvet fabric from my bodice by pinning the fabric together while on my arm to make it very form-fitting. They end in a point at my middle finger and attach with a loop of elastic, and the top of the gloves have a casing with tight elastic and a glittered feather boa is sewn around the top.
The headpiece is simply a pink headband with three feather pieces I found from a floral display. They were taken apart, hand-sewn together onto the headband, and then sprayed with glitter.
Congratulations on getting to showcase your work. Are you planning to go into costume design?
Wow, you made this all?! So talented! I love the design!
SO much velvet!
Woah XD You're really talented!!! Did you use a pattern for the skirt too or just wing it?