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Darlings, bring out your best Zinfandel. We need to gorge our eyes on this fabulously romantic creamy gold wedding reception. Admire the loveliness, yes. But don't dismiss it as impossible. You can achieve this look for under $50 Grand!

Let's look at some of the basics:

$80 Chiavari
$30 Bird cages
$20 Glass vessels
$10 Votives
$100 Florals
$16 China/Flatware/Stemware
$20 Custom tulle linen and overlay
$56 (20% misc.)
Based on 15 tables and a $50 Grand budget, you can see that all this is possible and just under budget. Remember, your tablescape budget should not exceed 10% of your total budget.
With the average cost of weddings costing around $35,000 that would give you about $3,500 tablescape budget. Divide that by 15 tables and you have $233 to spend on each table. Confused? Don't be. Like I said earlier, pour a good glass of Zinfandel and let's work through this together. Tablescapes can be confusing sometimes. There are a ton of what-if questions out there. So, shoot me a question, make a comment and let's discuss!
This is a soft and elegant feminine reception that is a dream
Agreed @daniachicago. Not a zinfandel fan @nixonwoman. Sorry. But white merlot isn't bad.
Just barely! That budget was shy by just $2. haha I have never had Zinfandel @nixonwoman. But I love the frilly tutu-style table linens. That lace overlay is to die for!