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We are entering the second week in the whole body detox plan. This week we are focusing on our Kidneys. The Kidneys are the filtration system that keeps our bodies functioning. Breakfast: Green Pepper Scramble Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie Egg White Omelet Lunch : Cauliflower Soup Vegetable Sauté Pasta Salad Nicoise Dinner: Roasted Tofu and Vegetables Vegetable and Rice Skillet Vegan Pizza Here are some Kidney friendly meals you can try for this week. Good Luck.
Love this list! My stomach hasn't been feeling well, so hopefully this helps.
So basically, eat a ton of veggies! :) Have you noticed that you crave sweets less? Once I'm in a healthy eating kick I find that junk food doesn't even cross my mind anymore!
@flymetothemoon yes I have notice the same thing.