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Perfection Lumière SPF 10 This Chanel foundation has quickly become one of my favorites. As a make up artist, I always must carry an array of foundations when working, since you never really know 100% how the person’s skin will be like. What I like about this foundation is that given its medium coverage and moisturizing feel without it being too much can work with many people. It’s easy to apply, has a natural flawless effect, and is suitable for almost all skin types. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 I am the biggest Bobbi Brown fan out there, I love working with her products. They are always long lasting and have a fantastic finish. When it comes to BB foundations, of course there is many to pick from, but this is my favorite (the one I actually use everyday). It’s almost invisible and very lightweight coverage, so ideal if you are not a common user of foundation. It blends perfectly with your skin (given you have the right shade) and the best feature is that somehow, it looks just like skin, not make up. Make Up Forever HD Foundation This foundation is terrific for people with spots or blemishes. It gives even coverage and lasts the whole day. What is a must when using this one is to apply the HD finishing powder afterwards; it prevents from shine and gives it a more velvety look. It’s particularly good for normal-dry skin, and given its light and fine texture with moisturizing agents, your skin will look and feel great. All these available at Sephora.
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If you have acne or oily skin I would definitely recommend the Bobbi Brown foundation
These are great, thank you! I'm not a fan of liquid foundation because it feels too heavy but I'm thinking about switching from my MAC powder foundation to something else. Big reason is the SPF on liquid foundations. I'm using a separate sun screen and it's become quite annoying and also taxing on my skin putting on all these different products - primer, sun screen, and foundation. I have very acne prone skin and I already use way too many things to cover that up...That Bobbi Brown foundation looks good, I wonder if it's good for oily/combination skin.