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I am not usually one to follow celebrities on social media, but for some reason I find myself liking Lorde's Insta pics as if she's my best friend in real life. She's a relatable, funny, and quirky girl that happens to be super talented and travels the world!
Here are my six reasons as to why, if you aren't already, you need to follow Lorde ASAP.

1. She Has the Cutest Relationship

Lorde has been dating her boyfriend James for over two years now, and they're just plain adorable. He's also got a pretty rad Instagram too considering he's a photographer/artist/free spirit type. Her pictures of them together help remind us that she's just a regular teenager trying to figure life out too!

2. Her Mom is Awesome

Lorde and her mom are super tight, and it shows by the amount of pictures of Sonja that Lorde uploads. I love seeing that regardless of her fame, Lorde is able to keep up a totally normal life and maintain healthy relationships with her friends and fam.

3. She Lives in Paradise

If I didn't already want to move to New Zealand, I certainly do now after all of Lorde's pictures. She lives in the water when she's home and her NZ pics are stunning.

4. You Will Always Know What's on Her Feet

She's big on letting you know her thoughts on socks and shoes, and is always 'gramming her footwear.

5. She Loves Food More Than You Do

Seriously, she eats the most wonderful things and even meditates with chocolate koalas on her face. How can you not love this girl?

6. She's a Total Dork

Overall, following her on Instagram made her go from icy queen of darkness to 'I want to be your best friend' in my mind in seconds. Her stage persona versus her real-life personality is so different, and you really get to see how she is just as blown away by her fame as we all are. She's humble, sweet, and just another awkward teenager.
She is seriously so precious!
She also always takes pictures of weird animals, like she has lizards and rats all around her all the time
She's so wacky, even on stage (those dance moves lol)
We clearly have the same feeling about Koala March.