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We love people for funny reasons, that can really odd or hard to explain and I love that this little short captures that so perfectly. It shows a "boyfriend" talking about the weird quirks his girlfriend has and explains that that's why he loves her!
Great blend of humor and romance, I think :) It kind of reminds me of the opening scenes from Amelie, when we are getting quick glance into the things that make each character interesting or worth remembering. Here, we are getting the same thing about Bo--what makes her worth of his love?
This reminds me that you just have to be you and somebody is going to appreciate those things--even if you can't stop talking with your mouth full haha!! I know I'm guilty.
@onesmile Exactly! Can't wait to feel that again :)
@ChristinaBryce Yeah, exactly! This feels very real. Like I know I was into one of my boyfriends because of the stupid way he would turn his whole body while playing Mario Kart, which was just something so uniquely him that I loved? It's great when you can develop a relationship where you have those quirks you love....that's how you know it's legit!
I love this!!! He is into her for all the reasons that make her distinctly BO not because of any simple lust or anything, that's so great. THe style is really cool