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Anthropoligie to me, is one of those places that you love to hate. From the dresses to the bedding, everything is mostly GOTTA-HAVE-IT. :( The prices for most of the items they sell are about as high as The Trump's receding hairline.
However, with a few dollar store mugs, some sharpies, and creativity, you can get your own Anthro-inspired mug collection that is super cute and would make for an adorable gift for mom for Mother's Day!
Although Sparpie markers are rated as non-toxic, I would advise against drinking or eating from these cups if your design is on the inside or at the rim where the mouth goes. This is meant for decorative purposes only.
Once your design is on the cup or bow, simply place in a hot oven that is set for 400* for 45 minutes. It's also really helpful to place these mugs and such on a baking sheet inside the oven.
Oh! And if you put these in the dishwasher, expect for at least 90% of your design to get washed away. best to simply use gentle soap and clean by hand. I am going to be sharing more adorable projects like this one. Make sure you visit and follow my DIY collections.
I like this idea. Finally! Something I can bake in the oven that won't spoil or taste bad! haha
Cool idea. there's a similar project that @mikayla added on Feb 2nd.
Fun project