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Vegan desserts are so hit or miss for me. Homemade treats are great, but we need to work on some of our packaged treats :)
I'm glad that there was such a mix of opinions on every thing, and everyone seemed to like at least one dessert!
Maybe that will make them think twice about turning their noses up at anything marked 'vegan' in the future :)
That cherry chocolate ice cream is SO GOOD. They sell it at Trader Joe's.
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@danidee TJs has another soy ice cream that I live for! They used to have one that was half soy vanilla and half mango sorbet, so good!
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Honestly, I really don't like pre-packaged vegan treats at all (except ice me those toffuti cuties!)
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Vegan ice cream is always delicious regardless of what its base is (tofu, rice milk, etc) SO yummy!
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