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Got me a new BFF! Well, sorta. LOL
I discovered Honor online through her blog and found this idea of how to sew paper and fabric. By combining the two materials you can make sweet cards for your family and friends. This totally reminds me of some of the prints you can find at Anthropologie. Let me know if you gals (and guys) want more Anthropoligie-style projects and hacks
Pinking the edges by using pinking shears. If you don't have a pair, they are WORTH the investment!
Be careful about the length of stitch that you use. Sewing paper is easy. There are no special skills needed. Just keep in mind that your stitch length/width is quite large. The smaller the stitch, the most likely the paper will tear apart. So do be careful.
By changing the colors of the bobbin and the top thread, you can get some cool design patterns.
You can pick up blank cards almost anywhere. I found a place in Chicago called Paper Source. They are all over the country. There is also Hobby Lobby in Chicago where I live. The cotton calico fabric is also available at places like Jo Ann, Michael's and Wal-mart.
As I mentioned earlier, let me know what you think of these style of diy projects. And you can check out my other card about Anthropologie Inspired Mugs here.
There are similar to the quilts you can find up here.
I like this idea and I'd like to do it. I just don't know what to make. Gonna think about this.
I've sewn paper before and it is cool. I like how you Integrated fabric also. nice job