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With Mother's Day coming up (and for all the other important dates in your life), here is a great way to keep those flowers a lot LOT longer! I love the green color of those mums! Gotta get those! Make sure you clip this besides liking because you'll be able to come back to it anytime you need it
Besides arranging your flowers in awesome vases like mason jars and old carafes, you need to protect and extend the life of the blooms.
Cut 1" from the bottom of each stem and trim the excess leaves and place the flowers in warm water. Leave them be for a few hours or overnight, which is best.
The old-school trick is to drop an aspirin in the bottom of a vase. While this method is helpful, it requires you to buy pharmaceuticals, which just isn't necessary. DIY this thing and you won't be disappointed.
Mix together:
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon household bleach
2 teaspoons lemon or lime juice
1 quart lukewarm water
Costco sells fresh flowers that are super inexpensive or you can pick up a beautiful bunch from your local grocer. BUT you have to want to look for are flowers that are not open or barely open. Open blooms are not as fresh.
I know that there are other tips for flowers. I am not a pro, lol, but I would like to get more tips. Please share your advice and let's become quasi-pros in the process! <3
I am a big fan of flowers in containers like these.
I posted a card similar to this, but your visuals are so much better than mine. great recipe
I also learned that you should only apply half of the vitamins powder packet that comes with flowers. You apply half the packet per week . Also try not putting them directly under lightbulbs but near a window for sunlight :)