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This is better than the announcement that she has joined Masked Prosecutor. These photos of Kim Sun Ah at the script reading means we don’t have to pinch ourselves anymore! She’s really been absent for too long! I don’t know how her chemistry will be with Joo Sang Wook, but I think she makes it work with any male lead
In this KBS drama, Kim Sun Ah plays homicide detective, Yoo Min Hee, while Joo Sang Wook is Ha Dae Cheol, who is a prosecutor by day and a masked vigilante / crime avenger by night.
The table read was conducted last April 18, and the leads were joined by On Joo Wan, Jun Kwang Ryul, Hwang Sun Hee, Lee Ki Young, Jung Ae Ri, and Lee Moon Sik. The crew and the actors all seemed very encouraged and vowed to put their all in the drama. The actors also created a lively atmosphere that it was as though they were actually shooting the scenes. Sun Ah and the others were so full of passion that they even ad libbed. This wasn’t a boring event at all, and because it was fun and entertaining, the script reading went by in a flash. With so much gusto from everyone, can we expect a very good show then? Let’s hope so!
Masked Prosecutor will premiere in May, set to replace Unkind Women.